Monday, February 4, 2008

Early Ben Cup Info

Sorry for the lack of content lately, it's been a combination of little news, a busy work schedule, and Donk basically saying what I was going to both here and here (about Lagerwey). However, I am working on trying to get some updated content on here (and contemplating a complete overhaul), but for now, to help get us excited for the season, some early word on the Ben Cup (courtesy of Steve Goff and his tremendous Soccer Insider blog):

"...DCU is tenatively scheduled to play its two matches with Real Salt Lake within a couple weeks of each other early in the season." -source

So it looks like we will be able to crown this year's Ben Cup champion rather early. I'm torn on whether I like this or not. On the plus side, this will give me even more time to rub DCU fans' noses in it. On the minus side, it won't generate the anticipation of last year's series where it was drawn out throughout the year. Either way, some news is better than no news, right?

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on things you would like (or not like) to see here, let me know! Have a good one, kids!

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edgell supporter said...

i totally missed this little nugget. luckily my co-ben is on top of his game. i don't like this either. i was hoping to be out there for the away leg of the Ben Cup, but if it happens too early that will be impossible.